Intrepid Visions Jacques Carrié

ISBN: 9780937578018

Published: August 28th 1985


207 pages


Intrepid Visions  by  Jacques Carrié

Intrepid Visions by Jacques Carrié
August 28th 1985 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 207 pages | ISBN: 9780937578018 | 9.43 Mb

A postmodern social satirist, black humorist, and candid absurdist, Jacques Carrié keeps his readers forever mystified. No one, some people have said, writes like he does—alternating from very serious and complex to very funny and simple, from linear to non-linear, and bending, mixing, and twerking all genres into one…with a high degree of artistic flair and freedom.His debut novel The Bridge of Movie Producer Louis King (1981) rose many eyebrows in literary circles, so did his debut collection of short stories Intrepid Visions (1985).

Twenty-seven years later (a strange gap for a highly-acclaimed novelist) the trend continued with his second, even bolder and bigger, novel Octiblast (2012), Book 1 of The Octidamned Trilogy. Following this massive 800-page release came Papelitos (2014), another out-of-the-box novel. Then Hard Contacts, a wildly inventive collection of short stories, scheduled to come out in 2015. All these books deal with the human condition in the weirdest of circumstances…whether in the past, present, or future (or combinations thereof).Jacques Carrié was born in Alès (Languedoc-Roussillon region of France) between the end of the Spanish Civil War and the beginning of World War II, getting his early education together with his brother in neighboring Toulouse.

His Parisian father, Marc, a magazine entertainment columnist, then recovering from wounds from the recent war, had been a rising figure in the legendary International Brigades and the Administrator of the also famous Benicassim Medical Center, in Castellón de la Plana, Spain, where he and Pepita, his operating room best nurse (whom he eventually married) once jointly took care of an ailing newspaper correspondent and illustrious novelist named Ernest Hemingway, who needed rest for three weeks in one of the Hospital’s guest beach villas before returning to the front to cover the rest of the war.

Lieutenant Carrié and Hemingway had then become buddies and great chatters of topics they shared in common, including their battlefield ambulance driving and medical unit romantic experiences.At home and at school little Jacques and his brother continued being mystified by the confusion and misery surrounding them. Their innocent fresh start into this unwelcoming, absurd world, violently occupied by invading foreign military troops and weapons of mass destruction, made them feel unwanted, crushed, and full of rancor. It gave Jacques, at least, dozens of reasons to become a serious short story writer and novelist, unafraid to speak his mind and reveal the truth, and, like Picasso, Borges, and Buñuel before him, mold ideas, feelings, visions, and personal experiences into explosive artistic creations, if not fabulations.

(The French Volunteer, a gigantic novel due out in 2016, based on his parents’ 3-year involvement in the Spanish Civil War, is both a tribute and condemnation of everything that war does to human beings.)Such challenge commenced, however, not in Europe, but in the cragged hilltop slums of Caracas, Venezuela, and nearby piranha infested rivers of the rain forests, where he landed one day--both hardly penetrable hideouts, but necessary for protection against machete swinging death squads working for El Dictador.

(All this and more soon to appear in fictional manner in Octispin, Book 2 of The Octidamned Trilogy.)Eventually, Jacques Carrié emigrated to America, where he attended Columbia University, Texas A&M University, and Lee Strasberg Theater Institute after mixing with (and learning from) bohemians, beatniks, hippies, weirdos, artists, singers, actors, screenwriters, sculptors, and novelists of all backgrounds and stripes. (Octifate, Book 3 of The Octidamned Trilogy, seeks to immortalize these characters in a concluding trilogy novel.) Today he and his wife, a former Philippine recording artist, live in Los Angeles.

They both chat weekly with their Paris-based super busy (screenwriting, acting, directing) young daughter.

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