Legs Wide Open For The Boss Morgan Taylor


Published: August 13th 2012

Kindle Edition

19 pages


Legs Wide Open For The Boss  by  Morgan Taylor

Legs Wide Open For The Boss by Morgan Taylor
August 13th 2012 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 19 pages | ISBN: | 4.32 Mb

Casey was in a real predicament... she heard rumors form the other girls in her office that Tessa was going to offered the office managers position since the last manager Marie got fired a few weeks back. No one knew exactly what happened except they saw Marie storm out of the District Managers office crying.They heard Marie call him a bastard and said she would never do what he wanted her to do but thats all they could make out of her rant before hse stormed out of the office.Now its not that Casey thought that Tessa couldnt do a good job but it was just that Casey had been there longer and did more then anyone else when it came time for working after hours and thought the management would have noticed that.She didnt know if she should confront Mr.

Reynolds or let it go... she finally got up the courage to speak out and barged into his office to make her case. It was then she found out the real reason Marie had left and why Mr Reynolds had his eyes on Tessa... Tessa was a lot prettier then Casey even though Casey was still a knockout when she left her hair down and put on some sexy clothes she just purposely dressed down for the office being around mostly women.It seems Mr Reynolds was looking for something more then just an office manager...

he flat out told her he wanted a sexual slave for the office. Someone that would put out whenever he had an urge... and do whatever he wanted. If Casey wanted the job... she had to prove to him in only a week that she had what it took no matter how humiliated or rough the sex became...Word count 6000+Contains explicit hardcore sex scenes.

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