The Khufra Run Jack Higgins

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The Khufra Run  by  Jack Higgins

The Khufra Run by Jack Higgins
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A fast paced simple action story populated by larger than life characters and finishing with a little twist in the tale. There is a damsel in distress and a treasure to find -- traditional fodder for macho heroes. Jack Nelson a British pilot (ex-RAF, ex-RAAF) and Vietnam vet now living in Ibiza is the narrator. Other characters are: The Turk - an ex-US Marine Vietnam vet and smuggler and drug addict, Sister Claire Bouvier - a young super missionary to the poor of Bangladesh and Lillie St Claire - a nymphomaniac retired actress.The story is narrated in the first person by Jack Nelson.

Both he and The Turk are super capable, whereas the women take a more secondary role. One woman is unobtainable and the other very much available. I fail to see the significance that both women share the name Claire.

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