Almost Strangers Delsa Winer

ISBN: 9780684868189

Published: April 17th 2001


256 pages


Almost Strangers  by  Delsa Winer

Almost Strangers by Delsa Winer
April 17th 2001 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 256 pages | ISBN: 9780684868189 | 3.77 Mb

At forty, Ursula Kornfield Gant believes she is independent of the usual pleasures people seek and connections they covet. She lives alone, although there are men whove had, for a while, resident status. She doesnt own a television, rarely sees a movie. At the news kiosk in Harvard Square she hovers, ghostlike, over the racks.

She realizes that some people, Daniel, in particular, consider her pretentious. He doesnt say this- he says shes perfect, but he loves her in spite of it, and in fact her only flaw is that she doesnt know one person in People. Books are Ursulas passion. Immersed one night in The Times Literary Supplement, Ursula reaches for the ringing phone. Ursula, a womans voice says. This is Delray, the third-floor nurse at Woodside.Her old yellow Labrador beside her in bed flicks open his eyelids.

She wonders if he instinctively feels it, her sense that something that matters to her more than anything else in her whole life is about to change.Thus begins Delsa Winers extraordinary and compelling novel, at once terrifying and full of hope, part romantic tale, part Grand Guignol.When her mother dies, Ursula Gant is shattered.

Secluding herself, she retreats behind a literal wall of beloved books. But not even this barricade of fiction can safeguard her from a spell of hallucinations. When the wall collapses, Ursula bolts to the airport, abandoning Daniel, her lover, and the safe boundaries of her life.Meanwhile, Daniels wife, Cissy, a fading beauty queen, is tormented by a different sort of loss.

Devastated by the knowledge of her husbands betrayal, Cissy boards a plane to Athens -- the same plane that Ursula is on. The planecrashes, and in the aftermath one of Daniels two fleeing women disappears -- her body is never recovered. The other, horribly burned, regains consciousness, but, without any memory and with an unrecognizable face, she ventures into the world alone, unloved and unknowable, uncertain of the future, unable to return to the past....Almost Strangers is a novel of rebirth, new identity, fate, and mortality -- above all of the urge to seek and embrace freedom.

Full of intelligence and wit, it is the eagerly anticipated debut novel of a celebrated short-story writer. At once ironic, and moving, it is a love sotry, a suspense story, and a novel of ideas about two absolutely fascinating women.

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